The information on this page applies only to Pretend You're Xyzzy servers running under the pretendyoure.xzy/zy domain. Other servers may have other logging policies.

Temporary logs

There are two kinds of temporary logs.

Server monitoring logs

Logs which contain your IP address are collected and kept for a period of a few weeks, to assist with monitoring the server. These logs do not correlate to your username and are not willingly shared with third parties.

Permanent logs

Game play details are kept on a permanent basis, to analyze which cards are the most and least popular. The data in these logs may be made publicly available once an interface is completed, and may be shared with third parties. These logs will never contain directly personally identifiable information, however they do connect cards played in multiple rounds and games together, and include geographic information no more precise than your postal (ZIP) code (and may be incredibly inaccurate). Additionally, unless you opt-out on the Preferences tab, your card play history will be tracked between multiple sessions.

These data points are collected when you connect to a game server:

At no point is your IP address, chosen user name, or chat willingly shared with anyone for any purpose. Fill-in-the-blank card text is, however, logged and shared.

Google Analytics

Yeah, who doesn't use that these days? I honestly don't look at it very often. It's cool to see where people are getting linked to this from. You can block it if you really want to, but I'd prefer you didn't.